Quiz: How Bike-Friendly is Your City?

From Mexico City to Jakarta, cities have moved to create more space on their streets for cyclists, and make more bikes available. Many cities have closed off lanes for vehicles and created temporary, or permanent, cycle lanes on popular routes. ITDP encourages cities and cycling activist to take advantage of this moment to improve the transport options on the streets, for this crisis, and the next one.

Do you think you know what really matters when it comes to urban cycling? How do you think your city measures up? This quiz will help you determine how “bike-friendly” your city really is, and what they could do to improve.

There are a range of beliefs all around the world of what makes a city bike-friendly. Some point to the most visible factors, such as weather and city terrain; others say it’s about a city’s commitment to creating infrastructure and regulating cars; and still others believe that cultural support of cycling is the key.

For a deeper look at these and other factors that influence cycling, check ITDP’s Grow Cycling Toolkit. 


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